We have provided effective and affordable custom software since 1999

We deliver successful products for a wide range of organizations. Over the years of operation, we have developed complex systems that empower organizations to effectively manage and complete daily and strategic goals.

Our portfolio includes:

  • ERP, CRM & SC systems (http://inexerp.com/)
  • E-management – online project management system for service enterprises
  • E-controlling – online workflow control system
  • E-competence – online knowledge management and personnel management system

We understand that each business has specific and unique needs and requirements. Hence, our team is determined to deliver custom solutions that solve organizational challenges in effective and affordable way!


An ERP system that uses integrated database and oversees all processes in the company. The system is  focused on the full lifecycle of  motor production.


A specialized module for budgeting that enables personnel to manage advertising budget and activities for all types of wines made in Austria.


An ERP system that effectively manages documentation and production lifecycle of printing orders. It is focused on effective management of different clients.